Darius is a juggernaut known for his massive lanebullying and axe. He is a godly low elo toplaner and even at higher elos remains a steady champion with great scaling. His innate damage and sustain and the fact that enemies do not know how to abuse you make Darius one of the strongest duelist you could face in the top lane.

In this post, ill talk about how you can utilize Darius’ massive damage potential to win against toplaners with relatively low effort and how to use that lead to snowball towards your unstoppable lategame.

A bloody great lane

With 7.14 released last wednesday, Darius has gained an additional bump in power next to his already oppressive kit. The lethality changes benefit Pantheon even more. Just run lethality runes, grab Ignite and throw Q’s at your lane opponent until they basically from the harass. This last sentence also reveals the most important statement about Pantheon’s playstyle: You need to play your lane like a poke champion. Toss your Q at a distance, avoid long term trades, abuse your strong laning phase by playing to your strengths.

An important mechanic to attain with Pantheon (and pretty much the only one) is managing your passive well. Since every 4th spell or attack grants you a shield, but your W does instantly grant you one as well, always look out to maximize the value you get out of your passive to win any fight in the toplane by ease.

Lastly, never forget to ward. If there’s one thing that can shut down Pantheon, its a 2v1 collapsing over you. So remember, vision is key.

Jumping on people’s heads wins games

Pantheon’s strength next to his extreme lane phase lies in the fact that his ultimate allows him to exert pressure semi-globally. The reason why running Pantheon with ignite works so well is because his ultimate also serves as a pseudo-teleport. And even though toplaners run Teleport, they rarely utilize it properly even still in Diamond.

It is important to mention that Pantheon’s strength in lategame teamfights is tightly tied to how well the enemy team positions. Once Pantheon leaped into the frey, the only way he can still reach properly spaced carries reliably is a flash W. By nature, all of Pantheon’s abilities are short ranged so that is important to keep in mind.

The general rule of thumb as Pantheon in my opinion is:
Dominate the lane > shove in the top wave or kill the enemy laner > look to ultimate mid or base and ultimate bot > head back top to catch the wave > dominate the lane.
If you repeat this process, you’ll find great success under the circumstance that, as mentioned, you win your lane.

This would conclude the third post on the toplane bully gods. The last champion, feared in Bronze, is Darius. Stay tuned and good luck on the rift. 🙂