I currently hold the opinion that if you were to wish to reach Silver or Gold Elo in League of Legends the fastest, you should play simple bully toplaners. They tilt the hell out of their enemies, which is a surprisingly effective strategy, next to having kits that allow them to quickly accelerate ahead of the opponent. Nonetheless, every single one of the champions ill cover here are different so they’ll require separated posts and another approach.

In this post, i’ll cover the basics on Vladimir. How to lane, how to scale and i’ll also help you get into Vladimir.

The immortal sustain mage

Vladimir has always been a case of either really strong or way too weak to have an impact. Right now, he is a fairly popular midlane pick and especially at higher elos, he’s such a threat he can force a ban from time to time. While he’s not as played in top as in mid, he still makes a solid and safe toplaner that will turn into a beefy battle mage towards the later parts of the game. Here’s some of the key strengths of Vladimir

  • His Q as his bread and butter spell is relatively spammable provided you itemize properly (lots of CDR) and allows Vladimir to sustain through lane as it deals both moderate damage and heals you for a tiny bit.
  • Vladimir’s probably one of the safest laners in the game thanks to his W with which he can almost always make an escape, especially nowadays when you can use summoner spells while pooling.
  • Because of the two points above and the fact that Vladimir has one of the strongest lategames a mage can have, he can easily scale until he’s a force to be reckoned with

The main difference between Vladimir and Swain is that Vladimir has a bit of a different playstyle with managing health and baiting the enemy in with your pool, and Swain sooner reaches his power spike than Vladimir does.

Late game zone of death

Once Vladimir has his core items which usually boast a mix of AP, HP, Resistances and CDR, he looks to enter the fights. Vladimir has a very unique playstyle. You basically have to play in the face of the squishies until they turn on you, when you decide to either all in or disengage with your pool. Use your pool and Zhonyas to buy time and deal huge damage while the enemy loses time. This recent clip of mine showcases how a Vladimir can win a fight just by surviving, cause enemies will tunnelvision onto you.

Vladimir is strongest when flanking from the side, so look for opportunities. Shove sidelanes, and rotate through the jungle to surprise your enemy backline and melt them, and when the enemy tries collapsing on you, just pool orΒ  Zhonyas. Generally, if the enemy has a carry with Morellonomicon/Executioner’s Calling, taking those out first will allow you to stay in the fight for longer.Also, always be sure to pick up some source of Magic Penetration and you’ll have an impact.

This would conclude the second post on the toplane bully gods. The next champion is the lord of cheese, Pantheon. Stay tuned and good luck on the rift. πŸ™‚