The end of season 7 is coming closer and closer. Some of us are desperate and wish to push for their final goal to end on a good note, get rewards or feel accomplishment. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you achieve your desired rank in the final months of this season.

Lower your champion pool to one or two champions for each role, stick to two roles and do not deviate

The most important thing to keep in mind when climbing solo-queue is consistency. Constantly winning lane, out-farming your opponent and simply doing more than them is very important if you want to climb, especially in the last few weeks of the season. How do you keep being consistent in your play? Well, the first important step that you can take is narrowing down your champion pool to just two roles and two champions for each role. Practice makes perfect, playing the same champions over and over will make you enter an “autopilot mode” where you will automatically farm well, hit your skill-shots, and position properly because you are unwillingly practicing those things in every single game that you play. It will be much easier for you to make calls and take clear and confident decisions that will lead your team to victory. It takes the micro aspect of the game (skill-shots, positioning etc.) from you and allows you to focus on the macro aspect (rotations, baron calls, when to push etc). Be consistent in playing the same champions and you will see fast improvement in your play, especially in the way you view the flow of the game during the match.

Play meta champions

Following up from the point I made above, it is important to have a small and definite champion pool in order to climb fast. But what champions should you pick? The best option is always to look at the meta from your own perspective. What are you good at? What are your strengths as a player? For example, if you are a silver 4 jungler looking to make the final push to gold to get your victorious skin, you are very good at engaging fights and your favorite champion is Lee Sin, but you win about 50% of your games with him. What can you do? It’s very simple. You have a lot of tools at your disposal that can show you the most played, most banned, and highest win-rates for every single elo bracket. You can use or to check the highest win rate and lowest ban rate champions for your elo. In this example, Sejuani or Rammus would be good choices. Both have good engage, very high winrate and low ban rate and are very easy to play. You will definitely win more games and have more win streaks than lose streaks if you play easy/meta champions than if you play hard champions that are not exactly good in the current meta. Be very careful when you choose your champion, if they have a high winrate but very low playrate that does not necessarily mean that it is a good champion.

Optimize your runes/masteries and adapt your builds

After you have chosen the champions that you want to main, it is very important that you make separate rune pages and masteries for them. One of the core aspects in League of Legends is the variety and adaptability of the item builds. There is NO generic item build that works for every single champion. This time of the season is perfect for you to start optimizing your rune pages because all the runes now cost 10 IP each. Start by checking out what runes and masteries the best players of the respective champions are using then adapt them to your own playstyle. Do you play Orianna but you find it difficult keeping up with your opponent when roaming? Try sneaking in that movement speed quintessence that Faker is using. Are you struggling when playing against Zed? Why not rush a Zhonya’s Hourglass. Is the enemy ADC always killing you in 3 auto-attacks? Try buying Ninja Tabi. If you are behind, defensive itemization is key in coming back. When they are ahead, players often play too aggressive and make bad dives or risky Baron/Dragon calls. Having that little bit of regen from your masteries and the armor from the Zhonya’s can make you survive that dive and give your team more gold. In lower elo, most players will not bother checking what the correct build or rune/masteries page is, so you should take advantage of that and be a step ahead of your opponent right from the champ-select screen.

Dodge games that seem unwinable

A common mistake that most people make is not dodging a game that they think they will not win. Dodging is necessary in order to climb because you will have a lot of autofilled people that will troll pick because they did not get their role or you will get autofilled to a role you don’t play very often yourself. There are other reasons as well, like getting the same person that raged in your last game. Dodging is very important because it does not lower your MMR (Match-Making Rating), it only lowers your LP (first by 3 LP then by 10 with a 16 hours cooldown) and you will have to wait 6 or 30 minutes, depending on how many times you dodged. It is a very good way to keep you from losing games. This tactic is used by many high-elo solo queue players in order to not lose MMR. You should also consider dodging if you have a full AD/AP team.

Keep an eye on the minimap and keep track of the enemy jungler’s CS

One of the most overlooked aspects of League in the lower elos is the importance of the minimap. People often even ignore warded areas in which they clearly have vision of the enemy and still get caught. Take advantage of that by being one step ahead of your enemies and your allies. When you see the enemy jungler going topside, ping your toplaner a few times and type “jungler topside”. Always have a pink ward in your inventory and place it in the jungle exits or transitional areas like the river.

Another way of keeping your allies and yourself safe from ganks or knowing when it’s safe to go invade is to keep track of the enemy jungler’s CS. If you see him trying to gank mid and he has 7 CS at min. 3:10, that means he cleared Raptors->Red->Blue, which means his topside jungle is up and he will go clear it and most likely gank top while he’s at it. This is especially easy to do in the first 5 minutes of the game, where you can acquire very important advantages or even just take the enemy jungler out of the game through smart invades and counterganks. You should always try to be one step ahead of your enemy.

Have a healthy attitude while playing

Simply put, do not be toxic. The main reason why you should not be toxic is because it affects you. If you spend your time arguing with your teammates, you won’t be warding as much and won’t pay attention to the minimap, or you might trigger them so much that they won’t want to help you anymore or will straight up troll the game. If someone is flaming you or someone else, just mute that person or type “/mute all”. Remember that climbing is your priority, not arguing with random keyboard warriors on the internet. You do not need to tell anything to your teammates with the chat, you can just use smart pings and they will understand, especially now that you can ping cooldowns and warded areas.

Be focused on objectives, farm and try closing out the game when you have an advantage

Probably the biggest mistake that low elo players make is that they have the “see hero, kill hero” mindset. Getting kills on your opponent is great and fun, and teamfights are awesome and explosive, but if you are looking to climb, don’t fall into that trap. Kills are good for your team, but only if they result in objectives. If you just mindlessly fight and risk losing any advantage you might have, you will definitely lose more games than you will win.

Focus on farming and objective control. Your laner roamed mid and got a kill? Shove the wave in and get his tower. It will give you and your team much more gold than your opponent got with that single kill. It’s perfectly fine to be down in kills if you have more farm than your enemy because you will eventually outscale them if they do not farm properly. Also, if you take the minions and they randomly roam all the time or just look for fights, they will eventually lose their towers.

But it’s not always bad to look for fights. If the fight is an obvious win or if you have the numbers advantage (5 vs 3/4), go for it, but make sure you take objectives after the fight if it’s possible. If you find the balance between being passive and being aggressive, you will close out the games in no time.

Don’t give up if the game is still winnable

I am not saying to “never surrender”, but sometimes you find yourself down 9-0 and two towers at 10 minutes. That definitely does not mean the game is lost. Look at your team and their champions, look at the enemy and find a win condition. Maybe you outscale or maybe all the kills are on their ADC and if you CC him you will win the fight. Don’t give up on games just because you are down a bit of gold. You can’t win every single early game. When you are the only one doing well or the only one that didn’t die 5 times in 10 minutes, instead of blaming in all chat, try leading your team. Start pinging them or just tell them what to do (just be careful how you say it, because it might tilt them if you are aggressive). People tend to listen to the person who is playing better than them in their team so you will 100% still have a shot at winning the game.


Good luck on your end of season endeavors, summoner, and have a nice day. 🙂