When playing League of Legends, what champion you choose to play makes up the entire experience. There’s a plethora of champions avaible, with the current roster boasting above 130 different champions. Most of us won’t even have the time to play all these champions and learn them.
One of the most common practices when getting good in League is becoming a one-trick pony, also known as OTP, meaning that you attempt to play and improve solely through picking one champion over and over. Sounds boring to some, others like the imagining of mastering that one champion they connect with.

This post is written for the newer people still trying to find the champion they can identify with, improve with over time and also just have fun.

A veteran’s advice on finding your champion

First of all, what’s most important is that you don’t worry about finding that one champion to one-trick immediately.  A few months ago, i was in the same dilemma. And eventually after playing for a while i found something i enjoy one-tricking again, just through playing and not worrying about it.

Next up, disregard meta. If you yourself listen to the voices of other members in the community when it comes to finding your champion or what champion is how good, you let THEM decide what champion you should play.
Additionally, the meta of the game constantly shifts with balance patches being released by the developpers every two weeks. So picking your hero based on it’s current strength won’t be a smart choice. Choose your champion because the playstyle looks or is fun, their abilities seem cool or their lore interesting. It’s actually worth mentioning that one-tricking out of meta champions is easier, since people will rarely contest your hero. The champion i main, Vladimir, recently gained popularity through professional play and i struggle much more to one-trick him consistently with Vladimir now being banned in ranked play or being picked by other people.
Don’t be discouraged, there’s people one-tricking even the most underplayed heroes like Heimerdinger or Mordekaiser and they still manage to breach higher ranks with them.

Another word of advice would be to disregard roles completely. If the goal is to find the champion you love, you should disregard roles completely. Pick a champion for each role you think you might enjoy and play 5 games each. Afterwards, look back what champion you enjoyed most and try to go from there. If you wish to find out how to learn a new champion, i’d suggest checking out this article of mine.

Tools to support your search

There’s this great website called FindMyMain where you can take a quiz dependent on a role and get a suggestion for what champion might be most fitting for YOU. If you like a fun and interactive way of getting suggestion, you should definitely give it a go.
Additionally, Riot Games wrote an article themselves about choosing the right champion for yourself. They compare the feelings you get out of playing specific champion archetypes, so it’s definitely a different approach of finding that one champion you love.

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Good luck and have fun on the rift, summoner. 🙂