As a new League of Legends player, it can be a particularly hard and frustrating task to learn the basics. Even more so when this is your first ever MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). To learn, you will mostly have to spend a ton of time playing over and over, and toxic teammates may be disheartening. I may have a way of helping you and make the learning process feel more fun and rewarding.

Let me introduce you to my custom “milestone learning table”.

This table is supposed to offer you a checklist of things you specifically can try and work on to become a better, more knowledgable and experienced player, while having fun as you climb the ranks.
I’ve created one milestone learning table per role so you can learn according to your role and get good at it. Here’s the .pdf download link, please credit me if you decide to use it for financial purposes.

Play some games, see how far up the ranks you can climb. Start at the bottom and keep on working on it day by day in order to achieve improvement. If you have any feedback or improvement suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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Good luck and have fun on the rift, summoner. 🙂