There’s a plethora of League of Legends content creators out there trying to help you to improve.  All of them with varying experiences when it comes to League and therefore different suggestions for the audience.
One thing however that always was lacking for me when following such content is that almost all advice is generalized.
It makes sense in a business standpoint. When you write an article, or create a new video for your YouTube channel, you want to put content out that speaks to a broad audience to achieve more traffic.
However, just like all the content creators provide different advice on how to properly improve yourself at League in general, every single recipient of such information is different. Us, the customers, the ones wanting to improve, are different players from different servers with a different rank and main champion.

My goal for this article is helping you develop and form a training plan for League of Legends that either is constructed around your tools and strengths, or completely built around your strengths and then suitable tools get chosen afterwards. The strengths being what you are good and bad at and the tools being your champion pool.
Before you jump into this headfirst, it makes sense for you to analyze what your preferred way of learning is. Do you have a few specific champions that come to mind when you think of your strengths in League, or is it a specific playstyle like splitpushers that pop up in your head?
Make up your mind before proceeding further to construct your ideal training schedule.

Develop a training plan around your strengths and tools

When trying to plan your training around a specific set of champions, a big step in analyzing what champion is suitable for you practice falls away. I myself am one of these people who enjoy a certain selection of heroes and prefer focusing on how to get good with them in specific.

Starting with a good way to set up your training schedule, write down those exact strengths of yours in League and with what champions you decide to pull through. It’s okay to add more champions into the mix as you improve, but for starters, consistency is very important when improving. I’ve applied this to myself and this is how it for example may look


  • Great game understanding
  • General proficiency and knowledge in all roles
  • Early game trading and laning

  • Vladimir (Mid/Top)
  • Jhin (ADC)
  • Maokai (Top/Support)
  • Karma (Support)

Now that we’ve written this down, we keep it in front of ourselves for the rest of this procedure.

For the next step, I recommend either using a Word- or text file to take notes. You just figured out your strengths, which are what got you to the rank you are at now, and the tools you used for it. Now let’s compare what you are to one of the top players in the world. Go check the Challenger and high Master ladder and look for players that play your role, or specifically your champion. Grab a replay of theirs, brew yourself some coffee and sit down for an hour analyzing what they do and what differs between you and them. Do you notice anything they do differently or better than you? Write it down in the file and keep on going until you’ve collected a big variation of topics. Those differences don’t have to be significant, even things like him having 10 CS over your average at 10 minutes are already noteworthy. I personally went through this procedure for every champ I currently play until I created a list of approx. 10 points to improve on for every champion I main.

Your next task should be prioritizing these differences by what you think you could improve the most from. Something like improving jungle pathing will always be more important to improve on than that one specific baron steal strategy with Zac jumping over the pit. Prioritize them so that the most important thing is at the top.

Now that we’ve defined some goals to start working on, we need to organize our schedule so that we don’t lose track. I personally take care of my training plan with StickyNotes and so do many pro players.

I divided this into 3 separate notes: Today’s, global and IRL goals
The first note is supposed to be your daily goal, this is what you want to improve on today. Write down the highest priority point per champion as I did. After every day and/or training session, check whether you feel you have improved on every champion’s noted aspect. If you have, remove it from the note and check it off in your file with all points. If you haven’t improved on it, attempt working on it again tomorrow.

The second note is supposed to give your shorter-term goals to look forward to and work towards. The reason why I personally believe this is sensible is most players overshoot their goals and get disappointed or frustrated for not reaching it. I’ve met way too many Diamond 5 players talking about getting Masters this season, but just aiming for climbing one division per month and staying there will eventually make you reach your desired rank. Use this note to set yourself a monthly goal for your rank or other general improvements you want to make.

The third note is supposed to ensure that you not only keep track of the game but also everything around it. Having your life organized in one place will help you stick to the plan. This note may also include League-related learning aspects outside of the game, such as for example “Learn item strengths in train”.

With this system, you will keep on working through your list of points to improve on that you personally created. Eventually, all the written down differences for a champion might be gone. Reflect on how you play now compared to in the past. If you feel the need, watch another replay of the same player and see what differences there are between him and you now. This might generate new points to improve on and add to your schedule.

Using these notes, you have a personalized short-term goal to work towards and daily challenges to overcome and improve on whilst not losing real-life matters out of your view. It helped me personally greatly with overcoming the barrier known as Diamond 5 and I will keep on using this method to keep on slowly improving for myself and only myself. I suggest you give this system a try and see how you like it. This is a way I present to you to come up with a training schedule suiting yourself.

A last word of advice: Getting into the habit of using this system is just as difficult as any other major change we face in life. It takes time getting used to. Ask for friends help to remind and motivate you, set yourself alarms to keep track of these notes daily, try whatever you can to ease getting into the system. It might take a while to get used to and it takes a bit of effort to constantly keep track of everything, but eventually the system’s benefits will show for you like they did for me.

Good luck on the rift, summoner, and enjoy your time improving. 😊