When thinking about what makes certain players more succesful than others when it comes to Soloqueue, to my mind comes not only their skill in controlling their champion and knowledge of the game, but also their mentality.
There’s countless articles out there that recommend you all sorts of things to get your temper and mood under control during the game and to remain calm. I personally want to take an approach to this issue from a different angle and will show you guys why exactly it is we tilt. Where does it come from and how does it happen?

UOL’s manager Romain made was featured in an interview a month ago and wrote a very detailed post about how to go pro. He elaborated on the importance of being a fair and polite player and quoted Faker on the following.

“I think deaths themselves come from making mistakes”

I see truth in that statement, and i also give Romain’s opinion that toxicity is essentially just you being whiny some merit. But If we take a look deeper into the human mind, we see that toxicity and flaming are simply cause by common human behaviour problems.

Blaming and flaming are defense mechanisms

Take three and a half minutes out of your day to watch this incredibly insightful, life-changing talk excerpt by Brené Brown about Blame.
This is why we blame, and if you want to improve (in anything), you need to stop. You’re embarrassed, hurt, or angry, and you’re just lashing out. Stop it. You don’t make for an accountable teammate, which will just make your games harder than they have to be.

Most of us dont even lash out to our teammates cause we want to cause them discomfort. I’m sure that i’m not the only person who has caught themselves messing up poorly in a teamfight and wanting to immediately turn to the keyboard and type something whiny or aggressive into the chat box.
We’re humans, and we’re by no means perfect, but if you want to get somewhere, you really need to give yourself time and understand that the energy you waste talking down your team is irretrievable.

Tilt is frustration you don’t give room to be dispersed

Tilt is a term that came up a few years ago in League. What many don’t know is that it is something that originates from Poker originally.
You’re considered tilted when you’re angry or frustrated to the degree that it’s badly affecting your performance, and you’re probably blaming it on everyone but yourself.

Getting tilted is essentially just part of human nature. It’s a natural progression in your brain when things start going downhill and your mood worsens. That sounds bad, but there are steps you can take to pull yourself back and get yourself back into the right mindset. ScrapComputer, a popular League youtuber, has a great video explaining the biological process in our brain.

The most effective way of dealing with this mental downwards spiral is probably considered taking a break from whatever tilts you and just not think.
My personal recommendation would be physical excercise. Now some people might not enjoy that, but hear me out. My dad’s a wise man with a successful business story and if there’s one thing i believe is true in his beliefs, it is that physical work out is a way for your brain to shut down. For once during the day, your brain will be given the space and room to work off all that stress and frustration amassed.


All in all, i believe that many of our mental issues when it comes to League are easy to fix once you understand them. So i really do recommend you pay respect to the points above and try working on them. Here’s another great guide on how to fix your mentality!

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Good luck and have fun on the rift, summoner. 🙂