Wherever i go, be it following YouTuber’s, watching pro play or reading up on reddit, everywhere people are complaining about the tank meta. Tank toplaners and especially cinderhulk junglers are thriving currently. I understand the source of frustration for players, but i question how it can be that so many people succumb to this frustration and take it as an excuse to not improve.

This clip showcases how strong Cho’Gath specifically is. The reddit thread that posted this was a mess of emotion, a ton of players complaining how the tank meta is not fun and tanks are busted beyond belief. But personally, this stubbornness is what causes the frustration. I don’t disagree with people, i too think tanks are overtuned, but there’s a couple of ways we can approach this and continue climbing while learning.

Abusing power as a learning tool

So who are those people that get frustrated about the tank meta. I’ve asked a few friends that complained about it to me and they are primarily nothing but Marksman players. I’ve suggested to them that trying to play tanks themselves might broaden their horizon, or help them be less frustrated. “Play what you think is strong”. But most of the time i am greeted with refusal on their end.

Abusing power to learn might come at the sacrifice of fun sometimes, but playing a certain playstyle when its overtuned will help you learn a new playstyle for even when it’s not as strong anymore (say you get autofilled top in the future) and broaden your horizon, cause if you know how to play tanks, you know how to play around the mindset of a tank.

A specific example on my end was when Botrk got overtuned. Everybody was playing Lucian, i myself starting getting more into Ashe with Botrk and learned valuable lessons about auto-attack based marksmen as well as abusing mispositioned marksmen as a toplaner. I made use of the power and learned through it.

If you’d like more critical posts like these instead of the conventional informational content, let me know in the comment section below. If not, i hope you still enjoyed your read and good luck on the rift, Summoner. 🙂