I’ve recently managed to hit Diamond 2 in League of Legends for the first time of playing for 5 years, my so called “Peak Elo”. I used a plethora of techniques to make my climb from being stuck in Diamond 4 for 2 months into the higher divisions and today, i’ll break down how exactly i managed to escape my slump of being stuck in Diamond 4.

In this post, i will describe my process of improving slowly but steadily through short-term goals, pushing my skill bit by bit each day. There’s other variables that affected me climbing as well which i will previously mention in a short description. This in my opinion is a way of improving i’d recommend to any autopiloting players as well as people in Diamond where there’s only miniscule mechanics left to improve, but anyone should be able to learn out of this.

My setup for improving and climbing

There’s a few guidelines i follow for climbing that in my opinion have a very positive impact on my journey up the elo ladder.
First of all i set myself a rule that i won’t play anything more than 2 or 3 ranked games a day. I used to excessively grind out games, but i now firmly believe that if you want to win and improve consistently, you should play 2 to 3 games at peak performance, fully focussed on improvement, instead of spamming games of lower quality.
I always make sure i am hydrated and already took care of other basic life needs. Sounds simple and stupid, but i always used to go pee during loading screen, which is valuable time to assert how to win against the enemy.
Lastly, and this advice most of you probably already know, focus on a few champions rather than many, and utilize them consistently to achieve consistent results. Below, you can see the champions i used to make the climb to Diamond 2.

Managing short and simple goals to improve

Many of the people i’ve talked to about League or students i coach tell me they wish to improve. When i observe them afterwards or question their methods of improvement, most of them either just shift to autopilot even if they wanted to improve or go way over the top (for example recording every single game in detail). To keep it short and simple, this is my recommendation on how to improve efficiently through simple goals:

  • At the start of the day, before playing, set yourself a single simple goal (example “come out of lane with 70+ creeps killed”) that your work for with utmost priority for that day. You have to force yourself to follow this if you want to improve
  • After every game, write down ONE short sentence on what you could have done better. Something like “dont die to a lvl 3 gank” is enough. At the end of the day, reflect on the list.

This concludes my easy guide on short-term improvement. If you wish to see more content, check out the other posts i wrote and show the site to any friends that might be interested. Your support is much appreciated. Good luck on the rift, Summoner! 🙂