I am writing this guide so as to make it a quick and comprehensive read in which i help YOU enjoy SoloQ in a stress-free environment. Below are some points i think will help you that are not too obvious but make sense once you understand it.


I mentionned motivation, but it goes along with investment. You will not improve by playing only 2 games a week. If you only play once every year, but wish to get better, the first step is to play more. Practice does make perfect, and it is especially true in League of Legends.

90% of players are below the Plat rank : to reach this level is fairly easy, but for those wishing to go further, the time investment has to be managed and maximized (if you don’t want to become a total nerd, or simply lose time learning nothing).

If you decide to become really better at League of Legends, that means to stop seeing it a short-term entertainment (as you would for any other ordinary game) and start considering it as a discipline in itself.


I am not talking about the « fun games » like ARAM that you can do while « relaxing », but of normal games (where you can learn) and of ranked games.

You can’t talk while doing anything else : Facebook, Twitter, Skype, being talking at the same time, disturbing noise, constant interruptions, hardware issues, pets (or little sisters), and the list goes on…

You have to focus on your game in order to play correctly and up to your true potential. Close your windows, set yourself AFK IRL and put on your headphones. Imagine that, on a football field 11vs11, one of the players suddenly stops playing become his phone rang or his mother enters the field to warm him that dinner is ready. It is simply unbelievable.


Be open minded and have a critical mindset

Don’t assume someone is wrong before understanding what he has to say. Not listening to someone can potentially make you miss a important information. If listening to him was indeed useless, you had nothing to lose (except maybe for a few seconds). With this mindset, it is better to listen to everyone, from the weakest, to the strongest, and even the more arrogant. Basically, your opinion or prejudices towards someone don’t really matter. Always analyze the content of his message without even caring for the who has sent it. It is likely that this will make you aware of flaws in your game you didn’t even notice.

The other players have a lot of more to teach you than you can on your own, because they are 7 billions brains while you only possess one. Try to analyze relevant comments directed to you and at least try before judging.

But don’t become naive and trust everything others tell you. This is not because I am writing this guide that I am right about everything, truth is a matter of point of view. Make your own path through what you learn and read, but don’t let the way one player thinks become your only perspective of the game.

As well, start from the principle that your opponent is skillful, as mentionned here.


Do not take games too lightly, and do not give up before the end. Do not think « I don’t care, I’ll dive/chase/throw ». Do not initiate a move an action if you know it is going to fail. Focus on your last hits, on your positionning, and keep a consistent attention. From focusing comes discipline in your gameplay. Diamond players win more often because their discipline makes them give up less easily. They won’t stay « just a moment » to finish the last minion of the wave when enemy champions are trying to gank them. They avoid overextending in the jungle and won’t go all YOLO 1v5 RAMBO STYLE in the enemy jungle when they are 4/0. To sum up, keep track of the consequences of your actions on both teams, and then on how the game progress. Poker players would say that one should not « tilt ».