Watching a heated LCS-broadcasted game  makes you see all these plays happen, some more apparent than others. Mechanics as a term in League are how well you can utilize your champion’s potential and your knowledge of said champion. Here‘s an example from the recent EULCS 2017 Spring Split, where Naehyun only even attempted a baron steal cause he knew Ekko’s E combined with Lich Bane would deal more damage than H2k’s smite. The correct timing allowed him to pull off a great play for OG.

Part 1: Knowledge
Part 2: Positioning
Part 3: Breadth of Roster
Part 4: Mechanical Execution
Part 5: Map Awareness
Part 6: Team Coordination
Part 7: Resilience
Part 8: Strategic Decision Making
Part 9: Reading Your Opponent

This post will help YOU improve your mechanics so you too can step up your game, be it solidifying the basics or getting into the spicy details of a specific champion.

How do i attain decent mechanics?

A general disclaimer at first is that you cannot gain mechanics without practice. If you want to say train the infamous “Insec” on Lee Sin, you’ll just have to go into actual games or the newly released “Practice Mode” and learn that specific eyes-to-hand coordination. And by learning, i mean doing that specific mechanic over and over and over again until you can pull it off without a problem, with atleast decent accuracy and most importantly consistently in order to rely on your own skill.

Another great thing to do, and this mostly applies to early game laning mechanics, is playing multiple laning phases against another player in a custom game. Grab yourself a friend or look for someone in one of the various existing League learning communities and play the laning phase with them, practicing those last hits, animation cancels or skill shots over and over.

Practice makes perfect. Remember the sentence when learning mechanics.

Training reactionary times

Another important skill in League to have is being able to react to whatever comes at you, be it dodging that Thresh hook perfectly or hitting your smite spot-on.

There’s a neat tool for training the latter as well as reaction time in general. The website Smiterino is an online tool that puts you into random League of Legends scenarios and you have to perfectly time your smite, not being off the threshhold for too much. It’s something i’ve actually caught myself doing in open traffic on my mobile device when i feel like training my mechanics.

Another recommendation of mine, though not everyone’s cup of tea, would be osu!
The game is a is a freeware rhythm game, in which a song will play and different elements (hit circles, sliders and spinners) will appear on the play field. Players must use their mouse to manipulate these elements in time with the playing song’s rhythm in order to earn points. There’s a huge library of songs surely sporting some music you enjoy and many difficulties from noob-friendly to extremely difficult. I actually used to play this game for about 5-10 minutes between every game and i felt it helped me tremendously, now i rather spend my time in the fresh air.


Learning mechanics with the practice tool

The practice tool is a neat new feature Riot included recently. Luckily, we can use this to our advantage to train specific mechanics This is mostly done through the target dummies which you can place. Try out new builds, train specific skillshots you need to hit more accurately or just go and have fun without suffering any cooldowns.

What’s truly important is that you spend more time with your champion in order to get better at its specific mechanics.

This concludes another part of this new series. Make sure to check out the first part too! This series has a couple of entries now, and the next one will be about how to use the map effectively and always keep an eye on it. Good luck on the rift, summoner. 🙂