League of Legends can be a very stressful and exhausting experience. Just after a few games, your energy can be burnt out and then without realizing you’ll not be performing at peak performance anymore. I personally know it from experience cause i used to just carelessly spam ranked games and only now do i know that many of my past games were played at diminished energy and – even worse – on autopilot.

This post makes some small suggestions for you to take care of before your games in order to make sure you are completely prepared for your next game and can perform on your highest level.

Taking care of your life

Here’s a few general pointers for taking care of yourself in order to then perform better in League of Legends. This list might sound dumb but you’ll be surprised that there is actually people (admittedly me as well) who didn’t take care of this properly before their games.

  • Getting proper rest and not playing while tired.
  • Make sure you’re not hungry or thirsty.
  • Make sure you sit straight and have a decent chair. This can be very important for your health.
  • Make sure your mouse and mousepad are clean.
  • Check your ping by hopping into a quick custom game to ensure you won’t lag.
  • Consider warming up your limbs by doing some simple arm and hand stretches. Here’s an example set of excercises.
  • Set yourself an amount of ranked games to play and stop for the day after that certain amount.
  • Make sure you’re not angry through a real life event as that will certainly influence you negatively just like toxicity.

Approaching every new game

For every new game, you should attempt to focus your mind and settle your nerves. Don’t forget, this is just a game after all. Try to get over any anxiety you possess and believe in yourself!

I would recommend you take at least 5 minutes of breaktime after every game. If it was a bad game or one that frustrated you a lot, take even more time off. During that time, either do something to distract you, or even better, reconsider what you as a team member could have done better in this game.

I recommend chugging one glass of water before every game in order to stay hydrated and awake. Avoid softdrinks as they actually don’t hydrate you very much at all, just a lot of sugar is what is provided.

While every game is loading, i usually stand up and walk around with my wireless headset to keep my body in motion since i’ll be sitting for the entire game.

Lastly, always make sure that your surroundings are comfortable to you. When we’re at comfort, we perform way better.


This would conclude my quick guideline on how to prepare yourself properly both physically and mentally for ranked games in order to get your peak performance to show. Good luck on the rift and have fun, summoner. 🙂