If you want to be really good at League of Legends, you need to be of extreme mental fortitude. Especially at the higher ranks, people’s egos are likely to cause them to talk you down a lot. Talking back to them only makes it worse. Then there also is the factor of you yourself messing up. There’s a lot of different factors playing into your emotional status and retaining a clear and sane mind is a requirement to get better. Looking past your own mistakes and your teammates words while still keeping a clear mind is an urgent skill to pick up. And it’s not that harder either, it’s simple self-discipline.

Part 1: Knowledge
Part 2: Positioning
Part 3: Breadth of Roster
Part 4: Mechanical Execution
Part 5: Map Awareness
Part 6: Team Coordination
Part 7: Resilience
Part 8: Strategic Decision Making
Part 9: Reading Your Opponent

This blogpost will help you with dealing with any emotion you inflict upon yourself or comes from other players. Either way, at the end, you hopefully understand that keeping your mind on the game is extremely helpful for improving your ranked climbing strategy. I also recommend you check out Understanding toxicity and tilt – fixing your mentality, another post i wrote a month ago that helps you understand WHY exactly we are toxic.

Recovering from setbacks

It’s really important that at all costs do you remain resilient against mental setbacks in order to keep your performance high. An example would be keeping a deliberate, controlled approach to trading in mid lane after getting first blooded by the enemy jungler, rather than becoming super aggressive or super passive.

The most important thing to understand is that being self-empathetic won’t get you anywhere. When watching pro player footage, like their interviews or streams, you will never see them make a sad face and say “God why do i suck so much”. The exact reason for that is that they know this game is like real sports. If you are being outclassed by the rivalry, learn from it instead of wailing in your despair. Retaining a positive mindset that is keen on improving is the biggest importance.

Understanding what it is that exactly makes you feel down and set back also helps in preventing it from happening. Do you feel like you always get ganked? Try to place more wards and purchase Control Wards. Do your enemies always outtrade you in lane? Train your skillshots and basic combos in a Practice Mode game.

Lastly, i want you to understand that anyone can get to Diamond. Is it easy? No. Most of the people who ever got to Diamond poured their lives, their heart into this game in order to get where they are. They took a huge investment and sacrificed countless hours. There is no instant gratification in League, only over time will you be able to show your skill through your rank. This guy’s story is a perfect example of anyone being able to get to Diamond with a mindset to improve.

Dealing with your team

First of all, i would recommend you to check out this video. This short clip made by Riot explains what extents your and other players negative behaviour can have. The first step to success in solo queue is not to be a blamer. Don’t search for faults in others, but look to improve yourself instead.

Now, how do you deal with your team talking eachother down? Firstly, don’t argue back. Whenever toxicity breaks out in MY team, i tell them “Calm down, we can still win until the nexus falls” and then i usually return to the game, not saying anything else anymore for the rest of it. Talking back to someone who’s toxic or blaming is talking to someone who you cant argue with to begin with. Don’t waste your energy on irrational teammates you will never ever see again, but instead focus on your own gameplan. Tell them to calm down once and thats it. Look at pro games like this one at last MSI, CLG vs RNG. Noone thought this could happen and they still won.

Retaining a serious attitude towards the game sometimes also enables you to make calls for your team as a leader, and it is largely known that teamplay can win you games. But people won’t always follow you. Understand that you are but one of 5 players, and some games will inevitably be lost cause someone decides poorly, but those games happen for everyone, even pro players. Approach every game as a new experience and look at losses like a lesson. A training lesson so you can win more in the future.

The emergency approach

All advice above is fairly generic and while i believe its good for everyone apply, there’s always exceptions. I know people who just can’t get out of their mindset. They tilt in a matter not comprehensive to me or many others. But why it is they tilt doesn’t matter.

There is a few quick way of fixing toxicity or tilt if you cant seem to better your attitude.

  • Disable your chat. This way, you wont be able to communicate but ping and also won’t see your ally’s toxicity. For this, just drag your chat window out of screen. I’ve had a few people who found this to actually improve their winrate.
  • Set yourself an incentive for playing well and winning. Reward yourself, with for example a piece of chocolate or something the likes. For some people, this helps, for others, its just a bad distraction.
  • Take a break. For like a week or so. Get your mind on something else entirely. Doesn’t sound efficient when climbing the ranks but after playing this game for multiple years, a break can really be helpful when getting back into the game.

And with this ends another part of the series. Next time i’ll be talking “Strategic Decision Making”, how to make the right calls to further advance your lead or come back if behind. Thanks for reading, leave feedback or other comments below, and good luck and have fun improving! 🙂